Get Rid Of Yard Moles: The Correct Way


If yard moles are ruining your yard you probably are looking for the easiest and best method for removing them.  I have had some experience with this problem and have found that the traps from Mole Pro have been the most effective at eliminating this problem. 


The Mole Pro Trapping System


There are many methods to eliminate yard moles.  Whether it is chemicals or plastic explosives shaped like little rabbits almost everything has been tried to get rid of yard moles for good.  The Mole Pro trap is completely environmentally friendly while being extremely effective.  Let’s take a more in depth look at their trap specializing in the elimination of yard moles.


Mole Pro Trap


This easy to use trap is very durable and effective.   Used by professionals and amateurs alike this trap is one of the easiest to use on the market and does well whether you have one or one hundred moles.   At the top of them are very visible and safe indicator handles.  These handles let you know when the trap has sprung by forming a V above the ground.  To open the trap and start catching yard moles today you simply have to squeeze the handles together and place the trap in the ground.


The next component of the trap is the tension spring.  The spring provides the power behind the trap and makes it able to close even in thick soil.   Despite its strength the jaws are incredibly easy to lock into place even if you are not Hercules.  Because the spring is strong and the trap is so fast you can quickly and humanly take care of your yard moles.


The joints on the trap are riveted and reinforced to provide extra strength.    These joints are highly adjustable and allow the jaws to be widened or narrowed easily so that you can custom fit it to the tunnels that are being dug in your yard. 


The scissor jaws are sleekly constructed so that they can go through any kind of soil.  Because they are made of metal they will hold there shape for years and years.   They are also curved and have a powerful grip to limit and prevent the yard moles from escaping.   In addition these jaws are completely safe to your kids and pets when they are buried underground.  


The traps also incorporate a multi functional trigger system that allows the trap to be sprung by yard moles moving in either direction.  The shape of the trigger ensures that the yard moles will trigger it effectively trapping them.


As you can see the Mole Pro traps have all the features you need to end your problem with yard moles safely, quickly, and with danger or harm to the environment.  Experts agree that trapping is the best method to rid yourself of yard moles


While there are other methods, trapping is preferred because of its minimal impact on the environment and its effectiveness.  Trapping moles is the best way to get ride of moles, and Mole Pro makes the best trap.  Give them a look and you will not be disappointed.

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