Killing Moles: A Question of Success


There are many mole control methods available to homeowner, however only a handful of them are successful. Of that handful, only mole traps are successful on a consistent, efficient basis. Mole control methods can be divided into two schools—those that kill moles, and those that drive moles away.


Time and time again, experts and customers alike agree that killing moles is the only successful way to solve mole infestation problems. And the reason is directly related to the nature of moles. Some homeowners may think they can solve the problem without killing moles, but like other pests, extermination is usually the only way to guarantee that the problem goes away. For this reason, mole traps, especially those produced by Mole Pro, remain the most successful mole control method available, and non-lethal tools remain only temporary fixes.


At first glance, mole traps may not seem the best method for killing moles, the reason being they do not allow for mass extermination. However, what most homeowners fail to realize is that usually a mole infestation is really just one or two moles. A single mole, between travel tunnels and storage tunnels, can cause a lot of damage, and while the visible evidence gives the appearance of a whole horde of moles, usually it is just a single culprit. Therefore, mole traps are the perfect solution for killing moles.


They are inserted into the ground directly into one of the tunnels, and when the mole attempts to move the obstruction, it triggers the trap and is killed instantly and humanely. Contrary to popular believe, a homeowner will not need to buy dozens of traps for killing moles since, once again, he or she will usually only have one or two moles at a time. But the traps can be reused, so when a new mole moves in, it too can be eliminated.


As stated above, non-lethal mole control methods are not successful. Experts contend that killing moles is the only successful method. Moles are extremely territorial, and when they move into a yard, they plan to stay there for a long time. Their tunnels are complicated and exist to provide storage, travel and safety, and after all of that work, a mole is not going to give up its territory that easily.


The mole may temporarily be chased away using ultrasonic devices or through the use of repellents, but it will return in no time to reclaim its land. Therefore, killing moles is the only way to fix the problem permanently. By not killing moles, homeowners prolong the problem, and while they will experience temporary relief, the problem will return, sometimes worse the second time around.


On the other hand, other methods of killing moles are too deadly. Mole Pro mole traps, for example, are designed to kill moles, but they are also designed to only kill moles. Not only are they safe for the user, they are safe for the surrounding environment. Poisons and pesticides may be used by homeowners who truly believe their yards are infested with dozens of moles.


They believe that only a large-scale solution will be able to destroy so many moles. However, in the process of killing moles they are likely to kill other wildlife and plant life as well. Also, these chemicals are highly dangerous to pets and children, and homeowners may quickly forget that once these products are introduced into the environment, they cannot be reversed.


They may succeed in killing moles, at least for the time being, but once again, when a new mole arrives, the process must be repeated, once again putting innocent animals, plants and people at risk.

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Killing Moles

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