The Need to Kill Moles: A Permanent Solution


Many homeowners are not proactive when it comes to taking care of pest problems. Insects and rodents may be allowed to fester for a long time before a homeowner takes action. This stems from the belief that problems will go away on their own, or that the damage these creatures cause is not that extensive.


However, carpenter ants can destroy entire homes, and squirrels, when introduced into the walls of a house, can destroy wiring and other electrical work. Many homeowners are also reluctant to kill these animals, or to pay out money for an outside company to come in and take care of the pest. However, the destructive power of insects and rodents cannot be underestimated, and one of the most underestimated pests of all time is the mole.


But just like other creatures, homeowners need to kill moles and rid themselves of the problem. Moles can cause a lot of damage, more than homeowners may initially believe, and if they do not kill moles, the problems will only increase. If homeowners are proactive, however, the damage can be kept to a minimum.


Homeowners may be reluctant to kill moles because they believe moles do not cause that much damage. On one hand, a lot of the damage caused by moles is aesthetic. Their tunnels are unsightly, numerous, and can ruin landscaped yards. But underneath the surface of the ground, moles are also causing a lot more destruction. For example, in their pursuit of food, moles can destroy the root systems of every plant in the yard, meaning very quickly grass, fruit, vegetables and flowers will die.


This is far from a merely aesthetic problem. For homeowners with gardens, for example, this can mean total failure. For those homeowners who believe moles are only unsightly, they will find no need to kill moles. They will simply rake away the visible tunnels and hope the problem fixes itself. But once homeowners realize the true power of moles, they will become far more willing to kill moles, and to kill them quickly.


And the quickest, most effective way to kill moles is with the use of mole traps, especially those produced by Mole Pro. Customers and experts both agree that moles can truly only be controlled through lethal means.


But as stated above, most of the damage caused by moles, and the reasons to kill moles, happens beneath the ground. Firstly, shallow mole tunnels, while not always visible on the surface as mounds of dirt, can be dangerous for people. When people walk across a lawn full of mole tunnels, they may suddenly sink in as they collapse a shallow mole tunnel. Usually this will just be a surprising occurrence, but sometimes it can be harmful, causing a sprained ankle or a fall.


Moles are very effective when they dig, and can dig over fifteen feet of tunnel per hour. If they are left to continue digging, eventually an entire lawn can collapse, not just one area when someone walks on it. Over time, this will destroy all of the vegetation in the yard, and the entire yard will need to be excavated and replanted. And if the tunnel systems are dug beneath patios or outside constructions, the buildings may even collapse in.


If homeowners kill moles up front, however, before the damage is allowed to get so extensive, a lot of money and time can be saved. In the end, mole traps are humane, quick ways to kill moles, and they can be done by homeowners with little risk of personal harm.


Once moles move in, the only way to fix the problem is to kill moles, and whether the homeowner does it on his or her own, or calls in an outside company, lethal means will be the only successful means.

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