Get Rid Of Moles: The Best Method


Getting rid of moles can be a real pain at the best of times and downright dangerous at the worst of times.   I have tried every method to get rid of moles out there and for me and my colleagues the method that works the best is definitely trapping them.   Trapping moles is better than baiting or other methods of killing them that involve chemicals because traps are totally safe for the environment. 


Getting Rid Of Moles With Traps


There is a little bit of guesswork when you are trying to be rid of moles. This article is going to give you some basic guidelines to setting up your traps to make sure the moles do not come back.  The first thing you need to do is figure out where the moles are currently active. There are some basic steps to identifying where the moles are moving. Go out into your yard and flatten all the tunnels that you currently can see. If you wait about twenty four hours the moles should come back and dick up where you flattened out.  Make a note of where the moles came back the most.  Do this a couple of times and keep notes on the moles activity,


Once you have identified where the main tunnel is you know need to trap it. Once you have figured out the main tunnel take your mole traps (we recommend the Mole Pro Trap) and place it right in the spot with the most activity.  This way you should be able to trap and be rid of moles very quickly.  If you miss the mole, flatten out the tunnels and check the mounds the next day to see the areas of new activity. Once you have identified the new high traffic areas place your traps there in order to get rid of moles.


So there you have the basics of how to setup your mole traps.   Now let’s take a quick look at why traps are preferred and why the preferred trap is from Mole Pro.  Trapping is the only sure way to be completely rid of moles.   Bait and other poisons cause the moles to die in a far off place often where you will never find them.  This is bad for two reasons.  One is that you can not confirm if the poison is working, and two if another animal eats or takes one of the poisoned moles away they themselves could become sick, especially if they are eating more than one or two of the moles.


Traps do not have those downsides at all.  When a trap gets rid of moles you know it because you can see when the trap is activated and the mole should be there.  In addition it does not use poison or toxic chemicals to kill the moles so there are no dangerous materials being introduced into the environment.   This is a big plus if you have kids or pets that you do not want to accidentally poison.


As you can see there are many advantages to using traps to get of moles.  Mole Pro offers traps that are highly effective at taking care of your problem.

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Rid of Moles

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