The Best Mole Traps: How To Choose


Moles cause serious damage to lawns, gardens, flowers and other landscaping. Moles are looking for worms and grubs to eat, but the tunnels they create in the process are unsightly, not to mention the damage done to roots.


All experts agree that mole traps are the most effective method of mole control and solving the problem of mole infestations. Other methods provide temporary relief from moles, but without constant application, and constant money, eventually the mole infestation will only increase.


So, if mole traps are the best among mole control methods, what are the best mole traps? When choosing the best mole trap, homeowners should focus on three factors: safety, effectiveness, and durability.


Mole Trap Safety


Mole traps need to be powerful enough to trap a mole, but also not cause bodily harm in the process. Traps made by Victor have the most powerful jaws on the market – but they need a great deal of strength to set, and usually require the entire weight of an adult to simply open the jaws.


Setting the trigger can be tricky and they tend to snap shut several times before the trigger is correctly set. Mole Pro traps, on the other hand, can be opened with one hand while inserting the trigger with the other.


These mole traps are designed to be simple enough that the novice mole trapper can safely handle it, but powerful enough that even professional trappers will be pleased with the results.


Mole Trap Effectiveness


The key to an effective mole trap is the trigger mechanism. Most traps operate with a trigger system where the mole needs to push upwards on the trigger thereby activating the jaws. While this will work for a good proportion of moles, it is not the best mole trap trigger design.


Moles do not always push upwards, but they always push obstructions in their tunnel out of the way. Mole Pro traps utilize a trigger system which is a ring in the center of the tunnel which the mole needs to push away in order to pass through. The Mole Pro trap trigger is also unique because it is designed with both larger and small moles in mind, which is important if you’re in the Eastern USA (where moles tend to be larger) vs. the west (smaller).


Another key advantage is that the Mole Pro traps come with an instructional video which shows the key steps to trapping moles successfully. And hey, if you don’t succeed, the company has a money-back guarantee so there is no risk.


Mole Trap Durability


Because traps are used in the ground and are exposed to weather, durability is particularly important. Cheaper designs typically rust within a year or two, and this renders the trap almost useless because mole traps typically use some sort of a hinge, or spring system which needs to operate smoothly.


The Mole Pro traps are designed with heavy-gauge galvanized steel. They are virtually indestructible (except when wayward lawnmowers are involved), and come with a 5-year warranty. The only downside of these traps is that the trigger is not attached to the trap. We recommend that users tie the trigger to the trap with a string so it doesn’t get lost. Here is a great video which shows how to set a trap.

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Best Mole Traps

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